Now We’re Cooking With Gas - Gas Barbecue Grills

One of the most iconic images of Americana is a family out in their backyard, children playing, dog barking, Mom relaxing with a glass of lemonade, and of course Dad, standing next to a smoking grill. With an apron for his royal robes and spatula for a scepter, he is the king of this domain. No matter what, the steak, burger, chicken, pork, ribs, or hot dogs he is cooking will be the best ever.

Not only is barbecuing fun and delicious, this cooking tradition that dates back to the very first person to ever cook food, but it is also one of the cleanest, easiest, and healthiest ways to prepare almost anything that can be cooked. The use of propane or other liquefied gas to barbecue simply makes this already wonderful cooking method even better.

Clean: With most forms of cooking, what is left over after the meal is a pile of greasy, dirty pans to be cleaned up. Barbecuing eliminates this problem because there are no pans. When the cooking is done, the grill can be scraped clean with a wire brush and ready to go for next time. If the food is baked onto the grill, the temperature can just be turned way up and the food burned away. Even vegetables cooked on the grill can be wrapped in aluminum foil, which can simply be thrown away. 

Easy: When cooking on the grill, pretty much all that is involved is placing the meat on the hot grill, turning it over at precisely the right moment to produce perfect grill marks, and of course, taking test bites just to make sure it's perfect. Gas grilling adds another level of ease over even charcoal grilling, which requires charcoal to be doused with lighter fluid, lit, and allowed to burn down to embers. With the gas grill, a turn of knob and push of a button is all it takes to be ready to go.

Healthy: Traditional cooking methods usually either leave or add something undesirable, such as fat, to food when frying or take away good things like vitamins and nutrients when boiling. Grilling allows excess fat to drip from meat, and vegetables cooked on the grill to retain their color and nutritional value.   

When it comes time to cook, especially in the summertime, there is nothing better than grilling out, especially when it's on a well-installed gas grill. For more information, contact a company like Thompson's Gas Inc.