Seafood-Inspired Event Menu Ideas

If you're planning any type of special event and want to really impress your guests by tantalizing their taste buds, consider creating a seafood-inspired menu. Fresh seafood will work for any type of meal, from brunch to late-night snacks with cocktails. 

You can make seafood the star of the show for a wide range of special event types, such as birthday bashes, holiday get-togethers, bridal and baby showers, wedding receptions, anniversary soirees, family reunions, and graduation celebrations. Take any of your guests' dietary restrictions and concerns into consideration, such as shellfish allergies. Also, provide a meat-free meal option for the vegetarians and vegans in the crowd. 

For the best, most fresh-tasting seafood, you can purchase it from a local seafood shop. Purchase items such as shrimp, scallops, and any type of fish to create the event menu of your dreams. If you can't afford to serve seafood for every course, use it to just create mouthwatering appetizers or small plates. Also, choose the seafood products that are on special, even if you have to tweak your menu a bit. In many cases, you can easily substitute one type of seafood for another in a recipe.

Here are some additional seafood-themed event menu ideas to help get you started:

1. Grilled Seafood

Nothing says "summer" like grilled seafood. If you're holding an event at an outdoor venue, such as a backyard, park, or country barn—and have access to grills—treat your guests to a selection of grilled seafood. For instance, fill skewers with a fresh combination such as shrimp and pineapple, or scallops and mushrooms and grill them. 

As a fun touch, have guests fill their skewers with their preferred ingredients, served alongside potato salad, coleslaw, and other picnic-style dishes. You can also grill up burgers and hot dogs for party-goers who prefer them.

2. Seafood Pasta 

When you need to please a large crowd, you can't go wrong with a classic seafood pasta dish. Start with any type of pasta, such as linguine or penne noodles, and mix it with either a creamy Alfredo sauce or a light and zesty marinara sauce. 

Add any type of seafood, such as sauteed shrimp, lobster, scallops, or a combination of all three. Round out the dish with your favorite vegetables, including mushrooms or red peppers. Keep the pasta hot in warming trays so that guests can help themselves, and serve it with a garden salad and garlic bread.