4 Types Of Commercial Breakfast Equipment For Your Diner

If you are contemplating opening a diner, you'll want to be sure you choose the proper breakfast equipment. Most 24-hour diners will serve breakfast round the clock, so you are sure to make good use of the breakfast equipment you choose. Here are 4 types of commercial equipment for preparing diner breakfasts efficiently:

1. A Breakfast Countertop Griddle

This commercial appliance is perfect for preparing hotcakes and sausage. Save space by choosing a countertop model for your diner. Your griddle should include an adjustable thermostat control and removable drip tray. Stainless steel construction is a must for durability. A splash guard can help prevent splashes from grease. It may also protect the cook from burns. You might also select a model with adjustable legs.

Most of these commercial griddles operate on gas power. However, if you are running a small diner with no need for high volume, you might consider an electric, UL Listed, buffet-style griddle, which would be portable, allowing you to relocate it to a different area as you see fit.

2. A Breakfast Diner Hotplate for Your Counter

Sometimes you will simply need to reheat a breakfast item or boil some water. A small hotplate may include two or three burners. The commercial models typically operate on liquid propane. If portability is what you're after, choose an electric hotplate that runs on AC current.

If you need more than two burners but have little counter space, there is another option to consider. A "step up" hotplate offers four burners while taking up the same space as the standard two-burner model. Step-up hot plates, sometimes referred to as bi-levels, are designed with two levels.

3. A Commercial Waffle Maker

Choose a standard waffle maker or a Belgian-style waffle maker. The Belgian-style waffle makers produce large waffles that are somewhat deeper than the standard fare. The deep pockets of the Belgian waffles allow for toppings such as whipped cream and fruit. Look for stainless-steel construction with aluminum plating. All will have a nonstick finish for easy cleaning, as well as a temperature control adjustment.

4. A Commercial Egg Station Cooker

Egg station cookers let you cook several eggs at once. These are perfect for preparing eggs over easy, poached, or soft boiled. Some models also allow you to heat pre-cooked bacon. The egg rings are generally Teflon coated. Most come with side compartments for holding cooking utensils and squeeze bottles for condiments.

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