Pizza Restaurants: 4 Products To Help Save Time Preparing & Cooking Entrees

Pizza restaurants are constantly serving up delicious pies to customers all day long. When a restaurant gets busy, cutting down preparation and baking time will help serve customers quick and keep the flow of the restaurant moving. Along with the skills of a kitchen staff, the tools that they have at their disposal can make a big difference in the speediness of pizza delivery. There are four types of restaurant equipment that can change the speed in which pizza served. Each one of these pieces of equipment is easy to mix into your kitchen and will help adapt to the current flow that you have set. Browse through each of the options and see how they can help with your restaurant needs.

Conveyor Belt Pizza Ovens

Keep a smooth flow of pizza orders coming into the kitchen each day by purchasing an oven that is hassle-free. A conveyor belt pizza oven allows you to set a pizza inside and forget about it until it is ready to serve. As the raw pizza makes its way through the oven, it will slowly cook until it is ready on the other side. These appliances help reduce the constant, adjusting, shuffling, and pizza checks that are required on other ovens. Once a pizza is completed, it can easily be retrieved from the opposite side, cut into slices, and then served to the customer. If your kitchen is tightly packed, then you can purchase a more compact conveyor belt oven that is ideal for small pizzas. Large pizzas and party-sized pizzas can be used in the bigger ovens.

Dough Pressers

Tossing pizza dough can take over a minute to get in the perfect shape. Even then, you may have crust that is uneven and does not cook correctly. Create a consistent pizza dough shape with the purchase of a dough presser. These pressers have heated elements that can press down dough evenly. A ball of dough is placed in the center of the dough presser. The dough presser is pushed down and the dough flattens out to a circular shape. Many of these pressers have adjustments that give you different crust sizes and pizza options. This includes thin crust or deep dish options.

Buffalo Choppers

At the beginning of a business day, many pizza restaurants start preparing toppings for the day. Instead of wasting time by cutting vegetables manually, restaurant can complete the process quickly by using a piece of kitchen equipment known as a buffalo chopper. These devices can slice up vegetables in a matter of seconds and give you plenty of ingredients to use on the pizza for the day. The settings of a buffalo chopper allow you to change different chopping sizes for a variety of toppings. This allows you to make your pizza toppings anyway you like without having to manually cut them.

Condiment/Garnish Center

Once all of the vegetables are sliced and chopped, a pizza cook should have easy access to the toppings. Create an easy-to-use pizza topping station with a condiment/garnish center. This type of kitchen accessories features a collection of small bins that each topping can be placed into. With flip-top lids and a compact design, the toppings are easy to access and will help you place the toppings on the pizza quickly. The separate lids for each section helps prevent the toppings from mixing together and accidentally getting placed on pizza orders. When toppings go unused, the whole accessory can be placed in a refrigerator overnight and be used the next day.

Consult with the chefs at your restaurant to see what types of equipment will the most useful during their daily shifts. This will help you choose the best equipment, through a place like Louis Wohl & Sons Inc, and cut down on the serving time for each pizza order.