Are You Planning An Outdoor Wedding? 3 Tips To Arrange For Your Special Event Ice Delivery

Wedding planning involves making decisions about every possible detail to ensure that your special day goes perfectly. At this point, you may already have a good idea of the menu that you want to use for the day, but you might not have had a chance to think about the ice that you will need to keep the food and beverages cold. Planning for event ice is not something that most people do on a regular basis, and you can use these tips to make sure that the delivery for your wedding is exactly what you need to keep everyone happy.

Get an Estimate of the Expected Headcount

You will want to make sure to have enough ice for everyone to be able to keep their beverages cold. On average, you should plan to have at least one to two pounds of ice per person. Write down your guest list and try to track any reservations that you've already received. Remember that the headcount may change, but you should plan to have more ice than you think you'll actually use. This helps to make sure that you don't run out during your wedding event.

Consider How You Plan to Use the Ice

Special event ice comes in multiple forms. For instance, you are likely already familiar with packaged beverage ice that comes in crushed and cubed forms. This type of ice is perfect for you to have on hand for filling up your guest's drink cups. It can also work well for keeping food dishes chilled in fairly temperate conditions. You can also get block ice that stays frozen for longer to keep food at the appropriate temperatures for safety purposes. Depending upon your budget, there may also be options for ice sculptures to add a lovely touch to the decor.

Keep the Outdoor Conditions in Mind

Outdoor weddings also require you to think about the general weather conditions for the day. If your wedding is planned for the hotter months of the summer, then you may need to plan to use more ice than you would for an event in the winter. Being able to quickly fill up your guest's cups as the ice melts is important for making sure that everyone stays hydrated and comfortable throughout the duration of your special event. When you make your arrangements for ice delivery, you can also ask about options for keeping the ice cold until it is used.

To learn more, contact a company that provides special event ice.