What Are Your K-Cup Coffee & Drink Options?

If you love flavored coffee or if you like to try different brands and blends, then you'd probably love K-cups. K-cups make the perfect coffee every time since they are measured for a single cup and you can't make a mistake in brewing the coffee. This way of making coffee is perfect if you only drink a cup or two each day. It's also ideal if you like a different flavor with each cup since there is no coffee left over to waste. There is a huge variety in K-cup flavors and coffee brand choices. Here are some options.

Coffee Shop Brands

Many major coffeehouses have a line of K-cups. This allows you to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee at home for a more affordable price. The coffee is manufactured by the coffee house itself so the taste is the same. K-cups are used in the Keurig coffee maker and all the manufacturers of K-cups must be approved to offer their blends. This keeps quality of the coffee consistent whether you're buying a coffeehouse brand or coffee from another leading coffee maker.

Caffeine Controlled Coffee

You can make K-cup coffee that is caffeine-free, half-caf, or full-caffeine. This allows you to alter your coffee consumption during different parts of the day. The good thing is you don't have to buy a whole can or block of each type of coffee and open it to the air while it's being used. If you only drink one cup of decaf at night before bed, then buying it in K-cups is an ideal option because each cup is sealed until you make it so the coffee stays fresh for a long time. This cuts down on waste and expense while maintaining superior quality of your coffee.

Flavor Options

The real fun with K-cups comes in all the flavors available. Even if you stay with plain coffee, you still have a huge number of choices since K-cups are available for different roasts and types of coffee. However, if you like flavored coffee, you can choose from French vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and even pumpkin spice. There are many flavors available and since you don't have to buy them by the large can, you can experiment with several flavors at a time.

Alternative Drinks

While the K-cup brewing style is a big appeal to coffee drinkers, there are other beverages you can make as well. You can make single servings of tea or fruit-flavored drinks. Some are for drinking hot while others are intended for iced drinks. This allows you to try a variety of herbal teas and refreshing drinks. You can even make hot cocoa.

No matter what kind of coffee you enjoy, you'll find it in a Keurig K cup. There are even options for specialty interests such as Fair Trade and organic coffee. Brewing coffee by the cup has many advantages. It eliminates waste and allows you to have variety in your beverages at a lower cost. Unless you're making a pot of coffee for several people to share, K-cup brewing is a fun way to make coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.